with Thomas O Connor (Transition Kerry & Manna Organic Farm)

Dates: Wednesdays 18th October – 6th December 2023
Time: 10 am-12pm
Venue: Rahoonane Community Centre & Allotments, V92 D9HF

Themes covered will include:

Understanding the Soil Food Web
Looking at the importance of the soil food web for the health of our plants and quality of our
food.  Building fertility and reducing inputs.

How composting works
Practical methods for composting.  Looking at wormeries, garden composting and Su Johnson Reactor.

Seed Saving
Examine the importance of Seed Saving in building resilient communities.  Looking at tips and practical tools for local seed saving

Orchards / Fruit propagation
Air pruning.  

Permaculture principles: 

Look at our gardens / allotment through the lens of permaculture and plan using this wisdom

Practical Farm Walk optional
Visit Manna Organic Farm to see above principles in action
Register via email:  marycahill@newkd.ie

Suggested donation €5/€10

These workshops are supported by Kerry County Council