• Printed information should be available.
  • An update from the working groups.
  • Links to Transition Town Tralee web site and other transition information.
  • Topic specific info, i.e. energy stuff from SEI.


  • We should have a topic specific speaker at each meeting. The topic would depend on the working group that is giving an update or the working group we wish to establish.
  • The speaker would introduce the topic and ideas from their perspective.
  • The speaker should engage in the information gathering at the end of the night. This would allow our working groups to benefit from the experience and knowledge of an expert.


  • At the end of the meeting.
  • 10 – 15 minutes should be given over to a brain storm to gather the information and suggestions from the people in the room.
  • The information gathered would be a starting point for the individual working groups, or additional information they could work on.
  • Format of this could be a mind map built on a standard layout so the info could be put into the relevant areas. This could be on screen and information typed in or it could be printed sheets and people could write the info suggestion in themselves with pens while walking around the room.