The diversity of skills needed to create appropriate change and build a resilient community from what we have now is too much for any individual on their own. But if we organise ourselves under the Transition community and face the challenges as groups and communities anything is possible. Each working group will take on a particular task or issue (such as waste, energy, education, food and so on) The group will work on ideas and potential viable solutions for increasing self-reliance in their area. The major requirement is people. People who understand the need for change to a more community-based and sustainable society.
People who are willing to give a bit of their time to effect such a change. If each such person could take on one task and help facilitate or be part of a working group then we will have made a start. With groups working on tasks and meeting regularly with members of the other groups for support and assistance, anything is possible. “Many hands make light work”.

  1. To work together with and report back to Transition Town Tralee’s steering group on the progress and requirements of each Group.
  2. To work independently as a group, but under the general guidance and principles of the Transition movement.
  3. To work with and encourage existing local volunteer groups and clubs to become involved in any areas in which they have an interest, or which may affect them.
  4. One member of each Group, usually the group leader, will be required to report to the committee at their monthly meetings.
  5. Each Group is to have at least two permanent members who will form the main part of the group, providing continuity for the Group.
  6. Each Group must be open to anyone who has a genuine interest or skill in the relevant area.
  7. Members of each group should have a personal interest or skill that will benefit the working group and the Transition movement.
  8. Each Group will need to examine their groups area in relation to their Economic, Social, Political, Environmental, Educational and Infra-structural impacts.