Along with the community-based transition, each of us personally needs to evolve away from our addiction to oil and a whole raft of other ecologically devastating practices. Away from the complex web that locks us into the endless and unsustainable growth paradigm. This will be easier for some than others, but we all have to do it. Each of us needs to travel closer to a heartfelt understanding that if we want to stay living on this beautiful Earth, we’ll have to weave ourselves back into the fabric of the planet.

Individually and collectively we need to comprehend that the duality “humans are separate from the earth” underpinning our industrialised societies is false, misleading and a one-way ticket to a hell on earth far hotter than we can handle. This journey involves fully feeling the unbearable weight of accountability for what’s happening and the part we play in supporting this unsustainable paradigm. It involves feeling the pain of either the planet or your pocket as we pay for damage caused to the very environment that supports us, due to the unsustainable economic and social structures of our society. It can and will be overwhelming. This journey is best undertaken with your family, friends and community to share the burden and provide support.

Taken alone, it’s a lonely path that many will find too much.