We are proposing to create a Skills Directory. This will be a list of services, skills, businesses and the local people that offer them. The idea of a Transition Town is to effect a change in our communities, our towns, villages and our county. We all occasionally need help, advice or services from experts. We can look locally, among ourselves, as there is a wealth of knowledge and skills on our doorsteps.

We all have at least one skill, interest, hobby or possibly a business that would be of use to other people, their family and friends.

This is a voluntary platform for the the exchange of skills and services. Transition Kerry takes no responsibility for any services offered or provided. This is being run on goodwill and trust!
It may also be of interest that there is a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) running in Kerry, which uses barter and an alternative currency as a trading system.

For more information about LETS contact:
Christine Best
(086) 193 9217

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