Building Local Community Resilience

Transition Kerry Workshops 2014

Transition Kerry is made up of a group of people interested in issues relating to sustainable living and resilient communities. Formed in 2007, the group have organised regular information evenings dealing with issues such as waste management, water conservation, energy use, sustainable transport, local food, climate change and peak oil.

Transition Kerry has also been involved with a number of day events at festivals, harvest fairs, etc.  – all with a view to informing the community of the life choices they can make that will have a positive environmental impact and in many instances save them money.

Transition Kerry has designed a series of six 1.5 hour workshops for community groups/Tidy Town groups which will kick off in early 2014. The workshops will provide a hands-on, practical approach to the following issues;

  1. How we plan and design communities? (Introduction to Community Resilience Programme and Creating a vision of a Resilient Community)
  2. Energy Choices
  3. Preventing Food Waste
  4. Local Food Resilience & Biodiversity
  5. Water Conservation
  6. Community Action Plan – How do we build local resilience?

We are looking for communities that will commit to all six workshops with an attendance of 15 – 20 people. There will be a charge of €20 in total per person and this money will be returned to the community group to help develop a project that may emerge from the discussions at the workshops.

The workshops will only work where there is good participation as it is not envisaged to have a sitting/listening audience. Workshop implies there will be lots of opportunity for discussion and group work to find solutions that can work locally.

The workshops can be used in the national application for Tidy Town Competition with the possibility to gain points in the Waste Minimisation / Resource Efficiency section.

These workshops are supported with funding by LEADER through NEKD.

For more information contact  Micheál Ó Coilleáin @ 087 4198617 or